Only This, And Nothing More

It turns out that BMFA actually does ask that Sock Club members not sell their kits during the year of the Sock Club.  So, I’ll just have to wait until next year for Lenore.  No matter.  It’s not like I have a shortage of sock patterns or yarn to occupy me until then.

Especially since I purchased my very first ever Socks that Rock after work on Monday.  Three skeins of Lightweight – Thraven, Valkyrie, and Haida – just shipped sometime today.  Yippee!

I got my order in around 6:40 Monday evening.  It would have been slightly earlier, but when I got home, I found that a package from my dad had arrived.  It contained some things my late grandmother had put aside for me, including some very old photographs, a child’s Bible given to her mother in 1904, and letters from the young man she was seeing before she met my grandfather.  Also notable were a small embroidered pennant and a silver bracelet, both personalized with her first name, which is the middle name of our Little Miss – those will be set aside for her.  I need to get a couple of archival clamshell boxes for some of the things, like the scrapbook she made (which is definitely acidic paper).

Also in the box was a copy of Abbey’s Complete Book of Knitting, which has some nice stitch patterns in it.  I’ve heard that my grandmother told people she taught me to knit, but she didn’t.  She taught me to crochet and to embroider and to do stamped cross-stitch, but I never could get her to teach me to knit.  She did give me a bunch of her straight needles a few years ago, though.  And I’ve been using one of her teeny tiny steel crochet hooks to do the beading on Secret of the Stole.

WiP Wednesday

I had Halloween off from work, so, while Little Miss napped, I finished clue #3 of Secret of the Stole.  I seem to be falling farther and farther behind.  And I’m okay with that.


Secret of the Stole Progress

I have no idea what the theme is.  For a while, I thought the large motifs might be flowers, and then someone said they looked like spiders, and that’s all I could see for a while.  And that little X at the top looks sort of like, well, one of those guys who waves in the airplanes at the gate.  I’m pretty sure that’s not it.

Last week, something very bad happened to my lovely MacBook, and the widget that was counting down the days until Christmas Eve went with it.  (Since my iBook is still running Panther, there are no widgets on that one.)  But even without the clock, I know there’s not much time left, so all crafting efforts are currently focused on one thing:




That’s “Checking His List”, as of two weeks ago. Since then, I’ve finished the red portion of the coat and started on the trim. I might manage to finish this stocking yet.


Since I didn’t get to go to Rhinebeck, y’all already know I’m not one of the cool kids, right? Well, I’m about to cement that with this admission:

I’m not in the Rockin’ Sock Club, either.

But I want to be. Especially since I saw the pictures of the latest shipment.


I love the yarn. I love the pattern (well, what I can see of it). I even love the name.


Say, if someone in the club doesn’t like the shipment, is there a rule or anything about not selling it to somebody else? Somebody like me, maybe?

Not Rhinebeck

I did not go to Rhinebeck this year (or last year, or the year before that, or any year you care to name, and will not be going for the foreseeable future), since it’s all the way over on the other end of the continent. But, I too, have lovely yarn that makes me want to jump up and down with glee. So, I’m going to follow the example of Girl on the Rocks and show off a little something from my stash.

DB Cashmerino Aran

Here we have two bags of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, purchased at a huge sale at an LYS a while back. I love this yarn; it’s so soft and squishy. I have big plans to turn it into a hooded jacket for Little Miss and the Cardigan for Arwen from Interweave for me.

Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino

And here we have a little more Debbie Bliss, this time Baby Cashmerino in a pretty pretty pink. I bought this to make the Lace Edge Cardigan from Simply Baby, but I think Little Miss may have already outgrown the largest size, so I’m excited to find something new to do with this.

Woo! Stash diving!

FO Friday!



That’s the Colonial Williamsburg Pinwheel Baby Blanket, all done and washed and dried and laid out and sat upon by the cat and brushed off and taken away from the cat and laid out again.

I put a bit of a rush on it early in the week so I could take it to a meeting on Wednesday to show the folks who might want to purchase it at next month’s fundraiser.

Pattern: Genia Planck’s Round or Pinwheel Baby Blanket, a KnitList pattern I found through Ravelry.
Yarn: Lion Brand Homespun in Colonial and Williamsburg, a bit less than one skein of each.
Needles: Denise Interchangeables, size US10.5, with a cord that just kept getting longer
Modifications: None
New Technique(s): I used the Lighter Circular Beginning (scroll down) to cast on.

Since I was pushing to finish the baby blanket, I thought I was going to fall way behind on Secret of the Stole, but I finished Clue 2 this morning while Little Miss was napping.


Secret of the Stole, Part II

The picture quality isn’t very good. The sun was a little too bright for the light yarn on the white blanket. I’ll get a better one after I finish clue #3, which I’ve just printed out.

Clue #1, Done

Bright and early on Friday, I downloaded the first clue for Secret of the Stole. I like a pattern that begins by advising, “DO NOT PANIC.” Always a good sign. I did not panic, and I was glad to see that my inability to wind my hank of laceweight into a single ball actually turned out to be a good thing.

Over the weekend, this:



turned into this:


Clue 1

I had a little issue with the beads.  I didn’t bother to look up the technique for attaching them, and I was several beaded rows in before I learned that, no, you’re not supposed to knit the stitch first.  I’ve decided to go with it.

I think next week’s clue will go a little more slowly, since I’m working Friday and Saturday, and knitting lace is definitely not an appropriate activity for the Reference desk.

Wednesday Again?

Oh, I have been busy. But first, an important announcement.

Very, very soon (like, this weekend) Aimee is doing the Lupus Walk. This is a cause near and dear to my heart, so you know I’ve already contributed. She’s getting closer to her fundraising goal, but let’s push it over the top. Besides that warm and fuzzy feeling of doing some good, you could win a prize!

Go, Aimee!

Things have been a little rocky on the health front around here, too, lately. Not, not me, or K, or Little Miss – we’re all fine. (Aside from the pain of teething, that is.) K’s mom, who cares for Little Miss on the days that both K and I are at work, was hospitalized last week. She’s home now and recovering, but I’ve gotten an unexpected week’s vacation. During naptimes, I’ve been working on this:



Nancy Bush’s Meida’s Socks, from Favorite Socks.

It’s a quick knit – ankle socks in sportweight yarn. I memorized the lace pattern pretty quickly. My only real complaint is that only one size is given, with a note to adjust sizing by changing needle size and adjusting the length. I went up to US2s. I’m using Lang Jawoll Sport, which turned out to be a little short. I got down to about 40 stitches around in the toe decreases when I ran out of yarn. I ripped back and redid the toe, decreasing every round (instead of doing the alternating even rounds). This makes for a short toe, but the sock is almost perfect on my foot. I did not continue the slip stitch pattern on the underside of the heel – I just ribbed it.

With 81 and a fraction days until Christmas Eve, I’ve also been working on the stocking:



There was an incident involving a knot, a tangle, and a bunch of ripped stitches, but I’m back to making progress.

Progress is also being made on the Pinwheel Blanket, but no picture of that today. It looks just like the last time I took a picture of it, only bigger, with more stripes.

WiP Wednesday: Colonial Williamsburg

Yes, that’s what I’m going with. The Colonial Williamsburg Pinwheel Baby Blanket is on the needles. The plan is to donate this to a fundraising sale. Twice before, I have donated to this particular sale, and I was frustrated both times by the fact that the items were sold for less than half of what I paid for the materials. It seemed that it would be more practical to just donate the money. But this time, I am knitting out of my stash, from Lion Brand Homespun bought way back sometime in the first year or so I was knitting.


Doesn’t look like much, does it? I did the Lighter Circular Beginning after all, but I’m not entirely sure how I did it. And trying to get 5 stitches of Homespun to stay on 4 size 10.5 bamboo DPNs was an adventure. But I seem to have a circle, rather than a Klein Bottle, so I think I even managed to avoid twisting the stitches.

On the financial front, I’ve decided to go back to using my familiar Quicken 2004. I tried several different money program demos, and I didn’t find anything I liked better, although MoneyWell came close.

The Yarn Harlot Does LA

Yesterday was my first Saturday off in a few weeks, and I was busybusybusy. Little Miss and I got a late start on going to our church’s Yard Sale, then walked by another yard sale (with a not so much accurate sign that said “Estate Sale”) where I bought a bunch of buttons. After picking up a cinnamon roll for K, we headed home, and Little Miss went down for a nap.

Then, it was out the door again, this time all by myself, to drive downtown for the Yarn Harlot. It was odd being in the Central Library in a non-work-related situation. I had to borrow K’s library card in order to get my parking validated, since I can’t find my card. (I memorized the number some time ago. The sad thing is that this is the second card I’ve lost. I’d be more concerned about it if I weren’t checking my own account activity on a very regular basis, so I know no one else is using it.) Stephanie was highly entertaining, even while being (unknowingly) threatened by the Giant DPNs of Doom:



She’s not nearly so blurry in real life, but I was three rows from the back of the auditorium. “Get there 10 minutes early,” said K. Yeah. Sure. I was in line 20 minutes before the start time, and I was still nearly in the back row. In fact, I was in just about the same seat I usually occupy during the monthly Book Order meetings. And, yes, that’s a sock she’s knitting during the Q&A time.  My knitting is not so blurry in real life, either, but it’s a test project, so I won’t be putting up a real picture of that until the pattern goes live.

I found out about the test knitting gig through (where else?) Ravelry, where I also found out that the Yarn Pirate Booty Club is open for enrollment. With all of these new opportunities to spend money, I am in search of new financial planning software. I am not loving the Quicken 2004 I’ve been using. Any recommendations for a Mac-OS-X-Tiger-friendly program?

New Knitty

It’s that time again! The new Knitty issue is up. As usual, I’ve got my eye on several patterns. Muir, Neiman, Mr. Greenjeans, and Diamond Waffle are all in my queue, which is quickly approaching 100 items. (It was over 100, actually, but I go through it every so often and take out the patterns that I’ve decided, on further reflection, don’t really appeal to me.)

The Diamond Waffle pattern also includes a link to the Lighter Circular Beginning (scroll down) on Eunny Jang’s blog. I’m looking forward to trying it out on a pinwheel baby blanket first. I have a bunch of skeins of Lion Brand Homespun, and I’d like to use them up. Is it too cutesy if I take a skein of Colonial and a skein of Williamsburg and call it my Colonial Williamsburg Baby Blanket?

Also in this issue of Knitty are some adverts for the Year of Lace, which I would love to join, but I don’t quite have the cash. BUT! Enrollment is open until February, so, if they don’t fill up, maybe I can save up. Or convince someone to get it as a holiday/birthday present for me.