Lots of Tiny, Tiny Beads

Last week, I was at a meeting with someone wearing a beautiful shawl. She mentioned that it was made from Wollmeise. And I remembered that I had a barely-begun Wollmeise shawl project sitting in my closet: my Entomology shawl. I pulled it out of the closet and read through the instructions again. I had not quite finished stringing all the beads.

The Beading Continues

The instructions for the shawl give a handy little tip. Instead of counting out each of the 1205 beads, string a bunch on and measure how many beads fit in an inch. Do a little multiplication, and you can simply measure the string of beads for an estimated total. I did the math. And I realized that, at 14 beads per inch, 1205 beads would measure just over 7 feet.


That’s a lot of beads. I strung them all, plus an extra inch or so for insurance, and cast on this evening. During a couple hours of tv watching, I worked my way through the 20 rows of chart A. And then realized I completely forgot to place the beads that were between stitches – I only did the ones in the yarnovers.

My little shawl is back to being a ball of yarn with a whole lot of little tiny beads. And that cross-stitch stocking is looking at me reproachfully.

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3 thoughts on “Lots of Tiny, Tiny Beads

  1. Ruth Ellen says:

    Ugh. Is there no way to do the beads with a crochet hook instead of stringing them?

  2. Ruth Ellen says:

    Oh. I guess not. They wouldn’t work in the yarn-overs.

  3. Beth says:

    Exactly the problem. Stringing them wasn’t so bad, actually. I’m more worried about the repeated shifting of the beads up and down the yarn as I work. I keep having visions of the yarn breaking and beads flying everywhere.

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