More Books, No Reviews (Yet)

Lately, I’ve been spending many a lovely Sunday afternoon at my favorite LYS. Unwind has comfy chairs and friendly people, and it’s great place to be while K watches tv and Lil Miss naps.

But yesterday, I skipped over to Knitter’s Studio instead. For two reasons:

Yarnagogo and CrazyAuntPurl

Rachael and Laurie.

There were a dozen or so of us gathered in the back room of the store. It was cozy and friendly, and we had a blast. Rachael read from How to Knit a Love Song, Laurie read from Home is Where the Wine is, and we all knitted away a good couple of hours. And, of course, they took some pictures of us:

Yarnagogo and CrazyAuntPurl

They are both such clever and hilarious ladies, and together they were so much fun I’m not sure it was entirely legal.

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  1. You’re right! It shouldn’t have been legal! Too fun. (And I have to say, I love your review of A. Martini’s book Sweater Quest — love that book.) Thanks so much for coming to the reading! Your smiling face was awesome!

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